John Quinn


Co-Founder & COO of EXOS Aerospace

John Quinn’s love of business drove him to develop the opportunity he recognized while working on an MST Project (with the brilliant Scientists at Blink Design and Manufacturing) in what we now officially call EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, INC. (E.A.S.T.) In Feb of 2015 John became was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for E.A.S.T., and is driven to help make this company a guaranteed winner in the private commercial space race. E.A.S.T. is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap that exists between needed zero G space testing and a somewhat “imperfect” ISS test that requires years of planning and severe monetary penalties for unforeseen test failures.

EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, Inc. has taken the skills from more than a decade of practical lessons learned, and millions of dollars worth of development and flight experience gained by our team, and moved into the commercial space race, ahead of the game.

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